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Our service portfolio includes
the following:

We offer a complete range of locksmith services and cater to residential and commercial clients. We are proficient in all domains, from door opener installation to implementing multi-layered access control systems.Moreover, we have an emergency team that will rescue you in lockout situations where each minute is important.
About us

Why R.N.M Locksmith

Offers high quality repairs

After years of experience working in the locksmith industry and understanding all technicalities and needs of the local market, we have launched our company. We have collected our team of the most skilled locksmiths with in-depth knowledge of locking systems and door locks.

Our service span covers the residential, vehicle, and commercial needs, and be it a centrally controlled security system for mega projects or gage door lock opening, we have it all.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We aim to serve every client with top-quality locking systems and locksmith services at an affordable price, so no one has to compromise on their safety.


Our Vision

We are on a mission to install locks and repair them with such efficiency and performance that no one in the country can meet. We have the vision to rise as the top locksmith service provider in the state and worldwide.
Why Choose Us?

Why R.N.M Locksmith

From flawless Installation and repairs to unbeatable prices, we have made our mark in the locksmith industry as one of the best and most reliable service providers. Our dedication to delivering the best quality and optimal performance is the main factor that attracts customers to us.
Fast response and 24/7 availability

Our customer care is apt and friendly to clarify all your queries and connect you with our expert teams for quick services and quotes. We have customer representatives available 24/7, so whether it's a holiday or a strike, you can contact us to learn about benefits or book an appointment.

Premium-quality services

Our inventory has the highest quality products and components from reputable brands worldwide. Not only that, we ensure that even a single spring is installed with extreme precision and there is no loophole left in your security system.

Licensed and certified team

All the locksmiths and technicians in your team are highly competent and are certified by authorities. We run a background check before hiring them so you can be relieved that your safety and privacy are never at risk. They have the license and work permits and are entirely fit to serve you.

Use of the latest tools and technologies

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and vans to handle more extensive or complicated tasks. We train our technicians regularly, so they are well-versed with all locking systems and how to repair and unlock them flawlessly.

Insured and mess-free procedures

We provide full insurance for all the installations and repairs, offer mess-free and damage-less procedures, and compensate for any loss later.

Transparent billing

No hiddencharges or service fees are added at the end of the bill. We quote what you pay, and there will be no extra penny charged later.

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